Product description

TraceCenter offers a near-term allocation of production activities and component’s differences in production storages to production orders with customizable allocation rules. It completes your instruments of order confirmations and assists your shop floor and controlling tasks. There is a particular benefit in business units with small revenues. TraceCenter delivers an additional background about the consumption of your human and operating resources and simplifies your profit analysis.

If you use the SAP® module PP, TraceCenter is a costing and process optimizing software solution to complete your order confirmations. The application is easy to learn and requires small implementation input. TraceCenter is compatible to all production order categories (shop floor orders, cost collectors, process orders). If you confirm your order consumption manually, TraceCenter supports you to decrease the costs of data collection (Cost Estimation Example). If you execute your component’s and activity’s consumption retrograde, TraceCenter is the best fit tool to allocate occurring stock differences and/or sender activities to production orders.

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